About ISCM

Institute of Smart City and Management (ISCM) was established with the goal of becoming a connector between universities, government management agencies, research organizations, domestic and foreign companies, and the local community. Together, we will research and propose smart strategies and creative solutions to solve urban problems and develop a better education towards sustainable urban development in Vietnam.

About Competition


As an estimated 70% of the world population will live in cities by 2050, architecture, urban design, and planning against pandemic will become even more important in years to come.

But the pandemic also offers a chance to change and prepare for our future. This
is the time for us to reshape the way our cities are built, maintained, and lived in.

The question is: How should we shape our city for the unknown future?

The global COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic has severe negative impacts
on all aspects of social life in 2020. It has rapidly spread around the world, posing enormous health, economic, environmental, and social challenges to the entire human population.

Future city: Smart design for the post-pandemic world is a first competition launched by Institute of Smart City and Management (ISCM), University of Economics Ho Chi Minh city (UEH) in partnership with University of Architecture Hochiminh city, Hochiminh city the University of Technology, Handong Global University, Technical The University of Mandalay, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Politecnico di Milano, Le Cnam, University of Melbourne. The competition is sponsored by HTE Global Co. Ltd, Handong Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd., and Korea Institute of Building Energy Technology. In this very first competition, participants are asked to look at the existing urban built environment and imagine how it should cope with the future pandemic.